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Liberals still reign supreme in NDG
Article mis en ligne le jeudi 6 septembre 2012

Photo: Sarah Geledi

Liberal Kathleen Weil was all smiles after being re-elected in NDG.

Liberal MNA Kathleen Weil made it seem like a one-way race as she swept to victory in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce after the Sept. 4 nail-biting provincial election. With over 62 per cent of the votes, she proved why her riding is still a Liberal stronghold.

“I’d say the biggest concern for everybody was federalism, and making sure that Quebec continued to play a role within Canada,” Weil told supporters at her crowded campaign headquarters on Monkland Ave, moments after being declared re-elected.

At the moment of her winning speech it seemed evident we were heading towards a PQ minority government and the Liberals would be the official opposition to Pauline Marois’ Parti Quebecois. Despite a PQ victory, the mood was quite upbeat in the small campaign office where Weil promised to fight for federalism and diversity as a member of the opposition.

“I’m feeling confident tonight that we’re in a real fighting position for the Quebec that we love, the Quebec that we’re all so attached to, the Quebec that‘s inclusive, the Quebec that is outward looking, the Quebec that lives its diversity as a richness, as a contribution to our future.”

A Liberal wind also swept through the neighbouring ridings of Outremont and Mont-Royal with the re-election of Liberal incumbents Raymond Bachand (42%) and Pierre Arcand (66%) in their respective ridings.

Although NDG has long been considered a lock-in for the Liberals, Weil took nothing for granted, making her presence known early on in the neighbourhood. From day one of the election campaign, she’s been meeting voters, visiting seniors’ residences and attending community events in the riding. She was even seen enjoying frozen treats in Monkland Village with fellow residents on the eve of the elections.

She crushed her opponents by a landslide, leaving CAQ candidate Angely Pacis in a far second place with only 14 per cent of the votes. Quebec Solidaire and the Parti Quebecois respectively amassed nine and eight per cent votes. Interestingly the Green Party, which came in second at the last election, finished last this year with a six per cent vote.

Weil made a point of stating just how privileged she feels to represent her riding and told Les Actualités: “It’s a very federalist riding, but it’s a riding where Anglophones and Francophones work together and live together. There are also a lot of newcomers, a lot of immigrants. It is a riding with a lot of diversity, which we see as a richness. We live that well in NDG and I’m going to fight for that vision; that’s my role.”

Local residents expressed a lot of anxiety over the last 33 days about the radicalization of the PQ and Weil hears their voices loud and clear. She invites citizens to knock on her door and voice their concerns, which she promised to carry in the National Assembly.

“I have great colleagues, who have been re-elected tonight and we’re all going to be working together to make all of our voices heard for the Quebec that we love, that we’re so attached to. For Quebec in Canada, I can’t repeat it enough. I know it’s an important value for everybody.”

[ Sarah Geledi ]

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