samedi 19 décembre 2015
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Newly built protected bike path offers safer passage for thousands of cyclists through Vendôme Danger Zone

The Association of Pedestrians and Cyclists of NDG has been advocating for 5 years to have a protected bike path through the Vendôme area. Our association is extremely pleased that the Borough of Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce has delivered on its promise to install a two-way protected bike path along the north side of de Maisonneuve between Décarie and Claremont.

This innovative solution will significantly improve safety for thousands of east-west commuters who cycle along the de Maisonneuve bike path between NDG/Montreal-West and downtown Montreal, among other destinations.

By making the Vendôme Danger Zone safer, the borough has removed a significant obstacle to urban cycling in the western sector of Montreal, opening the way for many more cyclists of all ages and abilities to travel through the area. Many cyclists, as well as others who would like to ride their bikes to work or school, have said they either avoided the area or simply refused to cycle due to personal safety concerns.

Some questions remain regarding the new configuration, including clear signage for cyclists and drivers, the possibility of cars potentially blocking the path at certain points, access to the MUHC Glen Site, and winter maintenance. However, as long as Upper Lachine remains open, this solution appears to be an improvement over the two-way, south-side bike path originally planned for the zone.

Mayor Copeman has stated that the borough is committed to ensuring that cars do not stop or park along the new path while dropping off or waiting for someone arriving from the busy Vendôme Metro Station, since cars blocking the new bike path would expose cyclists to significant risk by forcing them to leave the safety of the bike path to ride around illegally parked cars. Parking along the stretch has already been removed and replaced with no-stopping zones. Bollards have been installed to separate the path from car and bus traffic.

At the very busy and complex de Maisonneuve/Décarie intersection, more work is required to allow pedestrians and cyclists heading to the new MUHC campus to cross that intersection safely. Our association looks forward to working with the borough to address those issues.

The Association of Pedestrians and Cyclists of NDG


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