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De Courcy quashes CDN-NDG “Pastagate” fears

PQ language minister Diane De Courcy says that restaurant owners need no longer be afraid of getting in trouble for using “international words”  that everybody understands, like pasta, souvlaki, bulgogi, or mutter paneer.

Snowdon councillor Marvin Rotrand wrote to the politician responsible for the Charter of the French Language after the Pastagate brouhaha. He wanted to remind the minister that CDN-NDG contains “very multicultural neighbourhoods with restaurants representing lots of minorities and different cuisines.”

“We’re cosmopolitan in Quebec. We don’t need a complete literal translation of words that everyone knows,” he explained to Les Actualités.

De Courcy replied to Rotrand’s Feb. 27 letter on Apr. 12, saying that borough restaurateurs needn’t worry “as long as overall the regulation requesting a clear prevalence of the use of French is respected.”

“I don’t think we’ll be seeing the same type of petty and intimidating enforcement of the rules,”  said Rotrand. “It made us look silly across the world.”

The OQLF has a general information line at 1-888-873-6202.

Marie Cicchini | redaction@lesactualites.ca
Photo : Marie Cicchini

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