Dimanche 22 décembre 2013
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Rotrand: anglos underrepresented in public service

Snowdon district councillor Marvin Rotrand thinks that anglophones are underrepresented at the City of Montreal.

He wrote to executive committee vice-president Émilie Thuillier, responsible for social and community development, to tell her that many families and seniors would like her to consider hiring more anglophones.

“Generally speaking, there has been a real opening to the idea of attracting candidates from visible minorities,”  Rotrand said, “and the problems of the past have been dealt with in a satisfactory manner.”

But, he says, anglos are not considered to be a visible minority, and many are bilingual and highly educated - very few apply to get employment with the city.

Rotrand called for a study on how more young anglophones can be encouraged to apply to the various municipal services.

Marie Cicchini | redaction@lesactualites.ca
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