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Projet Montréal lance une pétition pour amasser des signatures afin d’entamer une réflexion vers l’adoption d’une stratégie pour mieux encadrer la pratique de l’agriculture urbaine afin qu’elle soit exploitée à son plein potentiel à Montréal.

Paris launches campaign with consult pledge
Article mis en ligne le mardi 29 septembre 2009
Mayoral candidate Brenda Paris introduced her slate Monday evening with the promise of holding open public consultations in the borough.

Paris is running with Vision Montreal against incumbent borough mayor Michael Applebaum

“We are proposing an alternative, and you must have an alternative,” Paris said. “We can win.”

Paris dismissed allegations from Applebaum's party that she had planned to run in the Loyola district under the Union Montreal banner.

“It was them that asked me, at a certain moment, if I was interested in running there. I said I wasn't really interested.”

The Vision candidate for the Côte-des-Neiges district, Amelia Salehabadi, will be running against Union Montreal's Helen Fotopulos.

Salehabadi is an experienced lawyer in commercial international law. She plans to use her legal background to promote infrastructure and sports projects in the borough.

NDG district candidate David Hanna has also quickly established himself in the party. An urban planning professor at UQAM, Hanna is stressing the need for meaningful public consultations and goals that are achievable within a four-year mandate.

The full borough slate will be presented again this Thursday morning alongside Louise Harel and Benoît Labonté.
Keeton Clarke has already thrown his name into the running for the district of Darlington, and Vision Montreal is expected to officially announce their Loyola candidate this Thursday.

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