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Fraser-Hickson Library
Mis en ligne le 22 février 2010

Dear Editor,

The historic Fraser-Hickson was both a privately held public Library and a community centre enjoyed by over ten thousand children and adults. It was supported by a very large base of volunteers and able to provide a plethora of community services/activities on a small operating budget of 800k/year---cheap by the standards of the City's own municipal library system for a collection and membership of the same size. It also saved the City over 20 million dollars in decades worth of library services to NDG.

Before its closing, meetings between the City and the library held in 2006 resulted in the follow ideas: (1) a private-public partnership where the smaller Benny Library could merge with an upgraded version of the former Kensington location, and (2) both libraries moving into a new municipal library slated for construction in 2012 (presumably the one borough mayor Applebaum unilaterally decided to construct on Benny Farm). Idea #1 was rejected by the City because of the $4 million upgrade price tag. Idea #2 was rejected because the library could not wait that long without support money---something team Tremblay/Applebaum was not willing to give, even in the face of thousands of petition signatures.

With the Trinity Church deal gone, and a new Benny Farm City library being planned without open public consultation, revisiting idea #2 would make sense. It would reduce the taxpayer cost of a new library tremendously, bring back decades of library services/community experience and re-connect us with a historic collection. But history has shown us that borough mayor Applebaum has repeatedly rejected saving the library. So we should appeal directly to voting borough councillors to introduce and vote for a motion that would consider idea #2 or have open consultations on the new library. If CDN councillor Helen Fotopoulus (who

is the former City executive in charge of municipal library services in 2003) can't support such a motion with Susan Clarke and Peter McQueen, then we, as NDG residents, have some serious soul-searching to do. Since the elections demonstrated an increasing majority of NDG's participating voters (66% of both districts) rejected CDN-NDG mayor Michael Applebaum, it's becoming clear that NDG should split away from CDN, be its own borough, and have its own mayor. The FHL mess could have been solved seven years ago if the boroughs had been divided up properly.

Raj Ramtuhol
NDG member of "Friends of the Fraser-Hickson"

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