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Mulcair decries conservatives’ track record
Article mis en ligne le jeudi 28 avril 2011

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Thomas Mulcair

“In the last year, the NDP presented Bill C-311 on climate change that was adopted by the House of Commons, but unelected Senators killed the legislation at its second reading,» said NDP candidate in Outremont Thomas Mulcair.

The Bill is noteworthy in that it was the first legislation in the world to pass a democratically-elected parliament which mandated hard emissions reductions for the post-Kyoto Protocol period (after 2012).

Now the Conservatives have confirmed that they will do nothing to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions,” says the incumbent candidate.

Canada ranks 54th among the 57 countries whose efforts to combat climate change are measured. The Conservative Government has no stated goals or objectives to address climate change.

Mulcair says the Conservatives hide the reports which study its effects, and points out that since being in power,, with the help of the Liberals, they have gutted the hundred-year-old Navigable Waters Protection Law, weakened the environmental assessment process for infrastructure projects and sabotaged the Kyoto Protocol. «It is time we developed a responsible environmental plan which takes economic concerns into account,» he affirms.

“Instead of offering taxpayer’s money to the petroleum industry and its tar sands operations, the NDP proposes that those dollars go towards green energy projects. Not only will we leave our children and grandchildren a cleaner future, but we’ll have created a sustainable employment plan,” concludes Mulcair.

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