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Hit and run on St. Jacques Road
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The Sebring 2001 was parked in front of Auto Adis when it was hit by a white SUV.

On Saturday May 14, one of the cars for sale at Auto Adis was damaged while parked on the street in front of the dealership, located at 6105 St. Jacques Road.

Around 1:30 p.m., the employees of Auto Adis were sitting in the office when a gentleman came running in.

The young man had just witnessed an accident involving one of the dealership’s cars, so they went out to look at a 2001 Chrysler Sebring.

The car, which had been parked legally on the street, was now pushed halfway onto the sidewalk. The back end received the brunt of the impact, leaving the rear quarter panel deeply dented, the bumper damaged and the tail light shattered. Large pieces of the broken tail light were scattered on the street and sidewalk.

Mechanics working at the Garage de Montréal next door came out and told Toni Lynn’s husband that the wheel may have gone crooked.

The eyewitness, a Chateauguay resident, was driving by when he witnessed the accident. He explained that he had gone after the hit and run driver for a while, but ended up losing sight of the white SUV. He found his way back to the dealership half an hour after the accident happened.

The eyewitness had seen a young man around 20 years old at the wheel of the SUV, trying to head east on St. Jacques. It was raining. The driver apparently didn’t know that he was on Upper Lachine Road, on a one-way street going west, where the two streets join at Hingston.

When he realized his situation, the driver backed up fast from where he was, near the grass-covered median. He didn’t look where he was going, backing into the parked Sebring and pushing it halfway onto the sidewalk. Then he drove away.

Police were called and have the name and number of the witness, as well as the licence plate number of the white SUV, P56 AEP.

The employees inside the dealership didn’t hear the collision due to the high level of traffic noise on St. Jacques Road.

The insurance company is still awaiting the police report to prepare an estimate of the damages.

[ Marie Cicchini ]

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